Friday, April 12, 2013

Best antivirus in your computer and how to choose a program

There are many cases of antivirus software. You can run all the different functions. This is a difficult task that best suits your needs, select your antivirus program. However, it is simpler, and there are a few steps to create an efficient process. It accepts a lot clip and research, what's your favorite antivirus application is finally your computer monitors and all that it is worth it.

You remove the antivirus program, or not create a broadcast of the assorted features of the. Ask yourself a few calls into question 1st. E.g., what are the features? Are you sure that you want to search my computer automatically? Are you sure you want to remove viruses automatically? For the first time, search for the file? Does not check for something in particular?
Make a list of anti-virus programs that can be considered. There are two good sites and in my opinion, is a list of the best antivirus program A wide variety of security software for a list of features for evaluation. Usually less than threesome choice, home.
Some reviews or look for the name, brushes or antivirus broadcast to verify the users of the selected software. These are stable and reliable consumer information sources. These reviews assess the is used to select any software.
Download antivirus software on their Web site evaluation, respectively. Click the download link to install it, you will be able to ascertain it easily if you want to bring through the broadcast to your desktop, you may receive the following dialog, chatter the brain through abut. This is to assess each of the selected antivirus programs, run it.
Windows XP users: on your desktop, double-click the program icon ? To execute the install wizard is displayed ? Is the antivirus software installed. Follow the installation instructions to install the software. The installation wizard is finished, the Finish button is clicked, you can use the software. Run the program and you want to change these options to automatically open.  
For Windows Vista users to be given the broadcast if you are able to trust, click the e-mail Options button is displayed. You can do this option. Installation Wizard is displayed. Use the following procedure. The installation wizard is finished, the Finish button is clicked, the software package constitutes established and fix for us. Run the program and you want to change these options to automatically open.

I prefer it, and run the full scan by setting the option to open, review the software. So if you want to keep in mind based on your list. At each stage of the software how to performance evaluation for your list.
His assessment is complete, remove the software. Click "start > Control Panel Add/Remove Programs tool to create a list of all software that is installed on your computer]. To evaluate and to select items by clicking on its name in antivirus software if you find the name of the program you want to remove, and then click the Change/Remove button. If the dialog box is displayed. If you want to continue uninstalling, click [Yes].
Assessment, anti-virus software, repeat steps 4 through 6.
Based on the results of the evaluation of your installed antivirus software. For a list of the results of the evaluation function that you created in step 1. Select the one you think.
You will install the selected antivirus software. 4 again, perform the following steps: When it is done, the install and select settings.Read more......

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